BizMobile Go! Key Features

8. Cutting-edge technology that reduces operation costs

alt Free from system operations

By using the cloud-based BizMobile Go! service, you become free from 24/7 server/network maintenance for MDM system, which is required for in-house systems, and focus on your business. You are also free from routine work such as fixing bugs, taking actions for vulnerabilities, and managing version updates.

alt Kitting task reduction

Tasks ranging from initial configuration during installation to application/configuration distribution and updates during usage of devices can be performed on the BizMobile Go! management page, other than OS updates and activation. Starting from iOS 9, OS updates can be forced and activation can be bypassed, therefore, initial configuration which usually had to be outsourced can now be performed in-house.


Starting from iOS 9, Android 6, and Windows 10, forced OS update and automatic downloads/installations can now be done through Supervised Mode and Device Owner Mode. Additionally, the DEP (Device Enrollment Program) now allows you to skip unnecessary steps in the device setup assistant during activation.

Initial configuration for new device implementation

Initial configuration for new device follows the procedure outlined below. The tasks to be performed after activation (initial settings) are usually done manually, and are not automated. Even though general MDM services make use of DEP/VPP and have automatic settings, subsequent tasks still have to be performed manually. BizMobile Go! uses variety of techniques to solve problems and obstacles, therefore, under certain conditions*, it is possible to make the process fully automatic. Most tasks can be automated, including distribution of applications, so that manual configuration could be reduced and there is no need to bring in a costly specialized vendor just to perform these tasks.
※Devices should be a COCM (Corporate-Owned, Corporate-Managed) device, which is activated with Supervised Mode (for iOS 9) or Device Owner Mode (for Android 6)
Least manual implementation process for iOS devices
No. Task category Screen Operation Task to perform Methods to automate
1 Advance purchase Vendor screen Purchase licenses Purchase certificate licenses Done manually
2 VPP service Purchase application licenses
3 Purchase content licenses
4 Setup tasks MDM management interface Advance registration in MDM Register device to be managed DEP service
5 Configurations Register passcode policy BizMobile Go!
Template Function
6 Register Wi-Fi, VPN, and email account details
7 Register restrictions on features
8 Certificates Register certificates
9 Application Register applications
10 Register application configuration (URL to connect to, ID, password)
11 Contents Register contents
12 CSV Register device specific information
13 Tasks to be performed when usage begins Device screen Activation Configure initial settings on first use DEP service
14 Register MDM Register device
15 Register passcode Configure passcode Done manually
16 MDM operations interface Configuration Issue configuration BizMobile Go!
Synchronization Function
17 Certificates Issue certificates
18 Application Install applications
19 Issue application settings
20 Contents Distribute contents

Automatic initial configuration

alt alt

Configuration after device distribution

Work required for configuration falls into two categories: Initial configuration for new devices, and additions/updates to the configuration of existing devices. Tasks that fall into the latter category are the most troublesome.

When you need to add or update applications after devices have been distributed, one of the following three methods is to be chosen: 1) Ask the device user to do it, 2) Collect the devices back and add/update the applications, or 3) Add/update applications using an MDM service. BYOD and COPE models would require device users to perform the updates themselves, but if the users are managers or executives, you need to book their time to perform on the spot. For devices owned by the enterprise, there has been a dilemma: While an enterprise may want to block the installation of applications unrelated to work, it will prevent necessary updates as well.

Hence, many enterprises have chosen either 1) Block installations anyway, but collect devices back to perform updates, or 2) Not block installations, but notify the administrator if undesired applications are installed. Small enterprises have chosen 3) Update/distribute applications via MDM. However, starting from iOS 9, you can block undesired application installation while allowing necessary application distribution/updates through an MDM service. MDM-based application distribution has finally become a practical solution.

Devices are in various circumstance during usage, that may be different from the circumstances when they were initially configured. They can be turned off, can be out of connectivity, can be in sleep mode with the screen locked, or in use with the device unlocked. If configuration changes are performed without stable Internet connection, updates may not be completed. Updates will require repeated instructions until they become successful.

BizMobile Go! combines templates and synchronization mechanism to automate updates and additions to existing devices. Therefore, compared to other MDM services, BizMobile Go! can change configuration in a much simpler way.
Process to change configuration with BizMobile Go!
No. Task category Screen Operation Task to perform Methods to automate
1 Advance purchase Vendor screen Purchase licenses Purchase certificate licenses Done manually
2 VPP service Purchase application licenses
3 Purchase content licenses
4 Setup tasks MDM management interface Configuration Change passcode policy BizMobile Go!
Template Function
5 Change Wi-Fi, VPN, email account information
6 Change functional restrictions
7 Certificates Replace certificates
8 Application Add/update/delete applications
9 Change application configuration (URL to connect to, ID, password)
10 Contents Add/update/delete contents
11 CSV Add/update/delete individual information
12 Tasks to be performed after usage starts MDM operations interface Configuration Issue settings BizMobile Go!
Synchronization Function
13 Certificates Issue certificates
14 Application Install applications
15 Issue application settings
16 Contents Distribute contents
17 Re-issue Automatically repeat issuing activities until they become successful
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