BizMobile Go! specifications

No. Service Category Functions Use Cases iOS Android Windows
macOS Windows
10 IoT
Wear OS by Google
1 Standard Hierarchical organization management Organization and user management functions(Tree mode) Unify management of all devices from multiple departments (branch offices) along with organization information
2 Access control (allow display and operation based on restrictions) All the devices of multiple departments (branch offices) are unifiedly managed but they are operated by different organizations and operators with different roles
3 User Registration support (Auto registration from AAD) Deploy store apps to Windows 10 device
4 Monitoring Dashboard (Registration, Sync status and Transition) Check dynamic management information of all device or per organization on a dashborad
5 Log management (Alarm, event, Command, and CSV export) Operation logs and detected alarms from managed devices are managed by management screen and CSV outputs
6 E-mail notification (Specified Administrator) Login to the management screen is unnecessary with notification mail to confirm the management status on the daily device management or alarm occurrence
7 Device information query Collect device specific information such as UDID and dynamic information such as free storage spaces on the device
8 Query app info (managed、unmaneged) Check the usage and update status by collecting the lsit of installed application on the device
9 Query status of app installations Manage implementation status of deployed applications × × × × ×
10 Query Books info (managed, unmanaged) Collect book information installed on the device ×
11 Query Apps lisence Info (lisence, number, etc)[per 5 min] Automatically update and manage purchased application licenses × ×
12 Device enrollment management Device enrollment settings support (CSV import) Enroll a large number of device information at once by CSV input
13 Device enrollment settings support (CSV export, CSV chenge, CSV import) Output all enrolled devices in CSV files, edit and re-enter all at once
14 Delete deivce registration Delete each device or all devices at once when those are no longer required for management after the model change
15 Device enrollment support (URL entry) Enter the registration URL from the browser for those deivces that cannot receive mails
16 Device enrollment support (send E-mail with URL) Automatically send mail including registration URL to device user
17 Device enrollment support (Check-in using QR code) Read the registration URL using the camera on the device
18 Device enrollment support (Check-in using paring) Enroll “Wear OS by Google” by connecting to Android device
19 Device enrollment automation(DEP, Zero-touch, Windows AutoPilot) Automatically enroll device just by activating the deivce. Allow skipping some items at the activation *3 × × ×
20 Remote commands Synchronize Collect information on the device and automatically perform filling the difference from the server setting when necessary
21 remote lock Operator remotely lock the device with passcode to prevent the risk of information leakage when device is lost
22 remote wipe Operator remotely perform factory reset the device to prevent the risk of information leakage when device is lost
23 remove passcode Operator remotely reset the passcode when passcode set on the device is forgotten
24 reconfigure passcode Operator remotely clear the current passcode and set the new passcode
25 withdraw The corporate information deployed from MDM is deleted when managed device sataus is cancelled
26 Selective wipe (wipe only business-related data) It is unpreferable to perform factory rest for BYOD devices so operator remotely delete only the corporate information when device is lost
27 remote reatart Remotely reboot the device when required for applying specific profile restrictions *1 *2 × ×
28 Admin Lock (Lost Mode, Fech Location) Remotely lock the device which can only be unlocked by the operator to prevent unauthorized use of device user and risk of information leakage when device is lost. Obtain the location information when device is locked and able to search the device *1 *2 × × ×
29 OS auto-update(Feature update, Quality update, Driver update, etc) Prevent vulnerabilities and compatibility with business application for the latest versions by allowing automatically perform OS updates that are often forgotten by device user *1 × × ×
30 Detect and Restrict SIM Card change Detect when SIM card was exchanged, such as suspected personal use of company-provided SIM card ×
31 Bypass Activation Lock When changing the device user, avoid activation lock is applied by the previous user's Apple ID and the device is unable to use after being initialized *1
32 Application management Apps registration support (In-house Apps with version management) Manage the version along with the release notes when registering the In-House application to be deployed × ×
33 Apps registration support (Store Apps name search) Easily search with application name when registering the Store application to be deployed × × ×
34 Apps registration support (VPP Store Apps auto registration) Automatically register purcased licensed applications *3 × × × × ×
35 Deployment apps support (required user's operation) For BYOD device, deploy the application only when accepted by the device user ×
36 Deployment apps support (not required user's operation) Install applications without any operation by device user *1 × ×
37 Detection of blocked applications (whitelists, blacklists) Detect applications that is not permitted are installed × ×
38 Notification of blocked applications (Alart, Notification E-mail) Confirm the status with notification mail when applications that is not permitted are installed × ×
39 Deployment Apps support (When Store Apps are updated, Store apps on the deveice are automatically updated) Always update deployed applications to the latest version × × × × ×
40 Deployment Apps support (change from unmanaged apps to managed apps) Put the device under MDM management without re-installing the installed application when introducing MDM to the device that has already been used × × × × ×
41 Configuration Apps support (get max 255 character by MDM)[need Apps treatment] Allow log-in permissions in application and enable / disable specific functions for those devices registered in MDM × × ×
42 Contents management Registration Books support (iBooks form, ePub form, PDF form)[iBook Store available] Register the book to be deployed
43 Deployment Books support (when books changed, deploy the books automatically)[not only PDF] Deploy manuals and conference materials at once to iBooks application without any operation by device users. Deleting is also possible
44 Profiles management Restrict unmanaged app installation Prohibit installing the apps which is not deployed via MDM *1 *2
45 Batch distribution (certificates authenticated with password) Deploy authentication certificates at once (different authentication certificates can be deployed at once for each device) × × ×
46 Deploy provisioning profile support (per Apps) Deploy provisioning profile and extend the certificate expiration without updating the In-House application
47 Enforce passcode policy (for local lock & wipe) Force stronger passcode policy on device ×
48 Disable cameras Prohibit the use of camera ×
49 Disable USB connection Prevent data leakage by prohibiting connection with PC *1 *2 ×
50 Restrict device backup feature Prohibit iCloud backup while using Apple ID ×
51 Disable or Enable Bluetooth/Tethering/Roaming Specify enable/disable on bluetooth / personal hotspot / data roaming *1 *2 ×
52 Restrictions for school usage Restrict functions unnecessary for class use such as displaying of predictive text keyboard *1 ×
53 Disable device settings change(Account setting, Network setting) Deploy corporate mail accounts from MDM and prohibit the use of personal mail accounts *1 ×
54 Restrict file transferring Prohibit sending and receiving of files between personal application (non-managed application) and business application (managed application) ×
55 Restrict notifications on lock screen Prevent notification being displayed on the lock screen *1 *2 ×
56 Parental Controls Restrict target age of available applications ×
57 Restrict app usage (Black list / White list) Restrict usage by hiding pre-installed applications *1 *2 × × ×
58 Global HTTP proxy Monitors communication by letting all HTTP communication of the device go through specified proxy *1 *2
59 Content Filter Filter access in Safari and prohibit any access to unauthorized destinations *1
60 Wi-Fi Deploy Wi-Fi access information at once. Prevent password leakage by not requiring password and displayed on the device
61 CardDAV server Deploy settings for using contacts managed by the company
62 LDAP server Deploy settings for accessing to LDAP server
63 APN Deploy APN settings necessary for SIM usage
64 Web Clips Display URL shortcut icons used for business on home screen
65 Mail account Deploy mail account settings
66 Exchange ActiveSync Deploy settings for connecting to Exchange Active Sync server
67 VPN Deploy VPN settings
68 Per-App VPN Deploy VPN settings that automatically connects only when specified application is launched × × × ×
69 Force an OS software update delay Prevent up to 90 days of OS updates by device users in accordance with the business application updates *1 × × ×
70 Notifications per apps Specify ON / OFF of notification for each application *1
71 Set Wallpaper, Device name Set business logo on wallpaper and unify the look as business-dedicated devices *1 × ×
72 Home screen layout (Web clips can be specified) Reduces the burden on supporting device users by specifying and fixing the application placement on the home screen *1 ×
73 Single App Mode(Kiosk Mode) Always launch specified application such as application used for taking orders at the restaurant and use it as business-dedicated device *1 *2 × ×
74 Mulutiple App Mode(Kiosk Mode) Display specific app icons designated by operator on home screen *1 *2 × ×
75 Custom profiles For each set values on the profile, specify different values × ×
76 Others Quickly correspond to profile functions provided by each OS
77 Options Messages Collect/display location information with Google Map Confirm the daily location history of the device users (Able to hide the information of off-duty hours) × × ×
78 Simultaneous message notification (read status can be monitored) Send messages to all managed devices, urging to delete application when prohibited application is installed. × × ×
79 Jailbreak notification (for jailbreaking, rooting) Detect jailbreak devices that is not appropriate for business use × × ×
80 Personal Personal UI (for Self Service) When the device is lost, the user can send remote command to the device by using browser without contacting the administrator × ×
81 AppCatalog Deployment Apps with BizGo!Catalog (VPP, CustomB2B, In-House) Provide recommended applications that can optionally be installed without requiring Apple ID through the BizGo! Catalog application and display them per categories with paid/free flags *3 × × × ×
82 Device Exchange Device exchange service (automatic transfer of configuration to new device and subsequent reset of the old device) Reduce administrator's operations at the time of changing old to new devices
83 Remote Control Remotely view and control a device by administrator's PC Reduce on-site support or collecting devices thanks to remote control including remote operation thourgh administrator's PC
84 Custom browser Provide a secure browser which can access to only specified URL Prevent the device user from accessing to web sites for personal usage × × ×
85 SMS check-in Device enrollment support (send SMS with URL) Automatically send mail including registration URL to device user
86 Geofence Automatic template switching triggered by getting in and out of geofence Switch templates automatically by detection of getting in and out of designated area (e.g.: Hide business apps outside office area)
87 User Survey Survey for device user Deliver and collect questionnaires for each managed devices through the survey app (e.g.: Inventory clearance through the survey for device owner)
88 Time-based Policy Management Automatic template switching by designated schedule Switch templates automatically on designated schedule basis so that devices can be optimized depending on each schedule (e.g.: Hide business apps after business hours to prevent overtime working)
available ( Almost not used )
×need to develop
OS does not support
*1Supervised mode required
*2Device Owner mode required
*3Availability of Apple DEP and VPP depends on countries due to Apple's policy.
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