BizMobile Go! Overview

BizMobile Go! is a cloud-based MDM service that enables easy, remote, and central management of business devices. Packaged with the world first “Template Function” and the “Virtual Device Synchronization Function”, BizMobile Go! drastically reduces and simplifies many of IT managers’ tasks: Initial configuration and change of configuration, installation of new features, and daily monitoring of usage. As the only MDM in Japan capable of handling tens of thousands of devices simultaneously, it has been implemented in 70% of all listed companies.


Multiple OS support

BizMobile Go! supports all 3 mobile operating systems widely used in the mobile device industry.


High reliability, convenience, and cost efficiency

BizMobile Go! outperforms in 8 aspects, which allow it to have high-quality features as an MDM, be user-friendly to end users, and drastically reduce expenses related to mobile device management.

High security Support a variety of devices and usage
Secure and convenient automatic application installation/configuration Provide a variety of secure environment for mobile devices
Robust big data analysis system Support for global businesses
Superior usability and customer support organization Cutting-edge technology that reduces operation costs

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We continue to improve BizMobile Go! based on user feedback and deliver an MDM system based on the needs of the different departments within the enterprises.


Mobile devices beyond regular MDM service

BizMobile Go! provides automatic configuration and application installation features and two-way adaptive communication management function. It can perform forced installation and forced restrictions according to the status of the device.


Track record of large-scale implementation

BizMobile Go! has extensive track record, ranging from small-scale business to large-scale implementation of an MDM system with 75,000 devices.

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