Company Overview


Yoshihiro Obata
Representative Director, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
1986: Joined Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co. Ltd. (currently KDDI CORPORATION)
1999: Director & Chief Technical Officer, eAccess Ltd. (currently SoftBank Corp.)
2004: Executive Vice President and CTO, eAccess Ltd. (currently SoftBank Corp.)
2008: Senior Managing Executive Officer, EMOBILE Ltd. (currently SoftBank Corp.)
2009: Director, Japan Internet Providers Association (JAIPA)
2010: Executive Officer, Technology Division, eAccess Ltd. (currently SoftBank Corp.)
2012: Executive Officer, Corporate Planning Division and Senior Research Fellow, eAccess Ltd. (currently SoftBank Corp.)
2013 Solution Architect, Equinix Japan Co., Ltd.
2014: Chief Executive Officer, BizMobile Inc.
2015: Chief Executive Officer and President, BizMobile Inc. (to date)
2019: Chief Executive Officer and President, IoT-EX Inc. (to date)
Jun Matsumura
Representative Director & Founderr
Participated in starting up and managing several SoftBank-related businesses such as Speednet, Nasdaq Japan, Akamai Japan, Xdrive, Dee Corp., Yahoo! BB, Japan Telecom, Cyber University, Secure Ethernet Marketing, Movida Sports.
Translated and published Software Testing for Internet Applications (SOFTBANK Publishing (currently SB Creative Corp.), 2003).
1981: Joined Japan Silicon Inc. (currently SUMCO Corporation)
1994: COO and Head of System Development, urban network co., ltd.
2000: Managing Director (COO), E-Cosmo Co. Ltd. (currently M-SOLUTIONS, Inc.)
2001: Chief Executive Officer, E-Cosmo Co. Ltd. and BPO Manager, SOFTBANK Technology Corp. (currently SB Technology Corp.)
2005: COO, Secure Ethernet Marketing
2005: Chief Executive Officer, Movida Solutions Inc. (currently M-SOLUTIONS, Inc.)
2005: Executive Officer, SOFTBANK Technology Corp. (currently SB Technology Corp.)
2007: Chief Executive Officer, Movida Sports Inc.
2007: Chief Executive Officer, Movida Entertainment Inc.
2009: Founded BizMobile Inc. as Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
2015: Founder, BizMobile Inc. (to date)
2019: Chief Technology Officer, IoT-EX Inc. (to date)
Katsura Sato
Outside Director
1986: Joined Aoyama Audit Corporation
1990: Registered as a certified public accountant of Japan
1997: Full-time Corporate Auditor, SOFTBANK CORP. (currently SoftBank Group Corp.)
2000: Director and CFO, SOFTBANK E-COMMERCE CORP. (currently SoftBank Corp.)
2002: Outside Director, GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.
2003: General Manager, Administration, SOFTBANK BB Corp. (currently SoftBank Corp.)
2004: General Manager, Group Management, SOFTBANK BB Corp.
2007: Representative, Sato CPA & Co. (to date)
2007: Outside Director, Vector Inc.
2008: Outside Corporate Auditor, CarView Corporation
2010: Outside Corporate Auditor, BizMobile Inc.
2012: Outside Corporate Auditor, Cave Interactive Co., Ltd.
2015: Outside Corporate Auditor, SBI SECURITIES Co., Ltd. (to date)
2016: Outside Director, BizMobile Inc. (to date)
2017: Outside Corporate Auditor, Defactostandard, Ltd.
2017: Outside Director, gooddays holdings, Inc. (to date)
2019: Outside Director and Member of Audit and Supervisory Committee, Cave Interactive Co., Ltd.
2019: Outside Director, IoT-EX Inc. (to date)
Kiroko Yoshiyuki
Outside Corporate Auditor
1990: Joined The Mitsui Taiyo Kobe Bank, Limited. (currently Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation)
2004: Registered as attorney-at-law, Diani Tokyo Bar Association
2005: Director and Legal Counsel, Movida Holdings, Inc.
2006: Director, Digital Adventure Inc.
2007: Legal Counsel, Softbank IDC Inc.(currently IDC Frontier Inc.)
2009: Partner at Tokyo Ochanomizu Sogo Law Office
2012: Outside Corporate Auditor, SHIFT Inc.
2015: Outside Director, Dualtap Inc. (to date)
2016: Outside Corporate Auditor, BizMobile Inc. (to date)
2019: Outside Director, Fisco Inc.(to date)
2019: Outside Corporate Auditor, IoT-EX Inc. (to date)
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