[Announcement] BizMobile Go! service maintenance is completed (Feb. 1st, 2018)


Dear all BizMobile Go! customers and partners,

We announce that BizMobile Go! service maintenance is completed successfully.
Now, you can use all of our newly-released feature on your unit.

You can refer web page for instruction manual of BizMobile Go! from dashboard of
the BizMobile Go! console screen.

Below are steps how to download our latest version of instruction manual.
1. Access and login with Unit ID, Operator ID
and Password.
2. Click [Help] link (it is located on upper right side of the screen) and
you can refer instruction manual webpage.

Below features are availble from now.
- Silent install/update Android In-House application will be available (available for Android 6.0 or later)
- Operator configuration per organization will be available
- iOS profile settings which were newly added on Apple Configurator2.5 will be available
- Location of Android device will be able to fetch when the device is admin locked
- Log, active alarm and alarm history will be able to search
- Some layout and design of console screen will be enhanced
- Some minor issues will be fixed

If you have any questions and unclear things about this announcement,
please feel free to ask our support team (

Best regards,

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